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Simple Analog Clock 11.6

Simple Analog Clock is an Opera widget that puts a clock in your desktop
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Simple Analog Clock is an Opera widget that puts an analog clock in your desktop.
As every Opera widget, this application will run even if you do not have the Opera browser running (but you will need to have it installed). Each widget runs like a desktop application in a separate process, providing more speed, security and stability.

This widget does not allow to input any particular setting. It will just display a simple analog clock, that will show the current time, always with the same layout. You can, however, use the context menu to allow some of the settings that all the widget have. You can then choose the position that the widget will have on your screen, being able to choose if you want to display the clock normally, always on or always under the current window. The users can also choose the zoom level that they want to apply to the widget, from -10% to 200%. It is also possible to tell the widget if you want to receive notifications, you can also configure your proxy settings, and choose if you want the widget to know your location. You will also be able to configure other developer settings.

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